April 2024 Food Festivals and Top Places To Eat

April food-ie! The post-Melbourne Food and Wine Festival lull is always your chance to experience something different, and boy, do we have some ‘different’ for you! Oh, and we’ve got a little extra at the end to fulfill your foodie fantasies. Or something…

Big Vegan Market

Dates: 20th – 21st

Location: Royal Exhibition Building 9, Carlton

Price: $7 (under 12 free)

This one is for all of our oft-forgotten vegan foodies (though all are encouraged because diversity and experience are the name of the foodie game). With 180+ vegan vendors gathered nationwide, delight in a vibrant range of plant-based options. And no, we aren’t just talking food, but we’re totally going for the pizza! Support ethical and sustainable brands.

April 2024 Food Festivals

The Little Food Festival

Dates: 10th – 11th

Location: Federation Square, Melbourne

Cost: Free

Wait! A food festival… for kids? Amazeballs! But it’s not only about the noms. It’s a playground of foodie fun and learning from planting seedlings at “The Farm” to getting crafty at “The Grocer”. Join the recycling relay race at “Reduce & Reuse” and chill out at “The Reflection Zone.” It’s the ultimate free school holiday event to raise a responsible foodie. Click to learn more about The Little Food Festival.

Tastes of the Goulburn Festival

Dates: 27th

Location: Seymour

Cost: From $15 (under 18 free)

There’s something to be said for turning an event into a journey, so jump on a vintage 1950s steam train for its annual trip to the Tastes of Goulburn in Seymour! That’s already pretty epically cool (or you could drive – boring). Enjoy gourmet delights and award-winning drinks. Upgrade to score your official keepsake event-tasting glass and complimentary wine, beer, cider, and gin tastings from over 20 vendors. Cheers!

April 2024 Food Festivals

Pyrenees Unearthed Wine and Food Festival

Dates: 13th

Location: Avoca River Flat, Avoca

Price: From $50 (children free on application)

Another journey but another well worth it because vintage wine auction! Celebrate culinary offerings of Western Victoria and award-winning wines (including a vintage wine auction) by picturesque Avoca River. Adult tickets include event access, live entertainment, a souvenir cup for wine tasting, and a carry bag. Oh, and did we mention, there is a vintage wine auction?! Learn more about Pyrenees Unearthed Wine and Food Festival.

Top Places to Eat in Melbourne

High Tea at the Melbourne Museum

Until April 14th, time-travel to 1912 with Michelin-trained Chef Keith Higginson’s French-influenced High Tea reminiscent of the fine dining experience on the Titanic. Find out more info here.


Wandering around Collingwood, you may wonder how those trains derailed so hard they ended up on a rooftop. But alas, ‘tis not a mistake! ‘Tis burgers and beers! Find out more info here.

Mjølner Melbourne

Eat like a Viking! Dive into a feast fit for Valhalla with venison loin, roast bone marrow, and ever-changing delights while surrounded by contemporary Scandinavian style. Find out more info here.

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