It’s finally here, Australia’s very first Healthy Tuckshop Day!

On Wednesday 14th June 2017, many schools will participate in the inaugural Healthy Tuckshop Day.  An exciting event, and the brainchild of My School Connect, this exciting awareness day has attracted a lot of attention around the country.

Healthy Tuckshop Day is a multi-faceted event.  Whilst being a promising awareness day, it is also an action-driven initiative that is looking for ongoing involvement and commitment from schools and parents.

Healthy Tuckshop Day is dedicated to starting schools – teachers, students and canteen managers – on a road to healthy eating.  Commitments will be made to up the ante on healthy food in school tuckshops, working to provide delicious and nutritious menu options for Australian school kids. This is done by signing the Healthy Tuckshop Pledge on 14th June 2017.  Schools will receive a digital ‘host pack’, so that schools can take the pledge in style!

Healthy Tuckshop Day is part of a broader grassroots movement – The Tuckshop Revolution – and it is gaining some serious and exciting momentum!

The new movement seeks to modernise Australian tuckshops, and improve nutrition based on a wider and newer set of guidelines.  This involves reducing food additives and sugar, and increasing the nutritional value of the foods that are on offer in school canteens.

It is proven that children who eat more processed, sugary and additive-filled foods are more likely to be hyperactive and lack focus. On the other hand, studies show that children who consume foods higher in nutrients and fatty acids, perform and behave much better!

So How Can You Get Involved?

Schools can get involved by signing up to participate, and will receive their host pack upon registration.  The organisers encourage schools to use the information in the host pack to make the pledge a fun event for all students, and to send them a photo of their representatives signing the Healthy Tuckshop Pledge!

They are also looking for ‘Parent Champions’, and encourage parents to register for their free ‘advocacy toolkit’.

Healthy Tuckshop Day boasts some fantastic Partners!

There are some great Partners involved in helping make Healthy Tuckshop Day wonderful, and they have committed to providing participating schools with some great offers.

Many of these brand Partners are fast becoming household names when it comes to healthy food – including My School Tuckshop, Vege Chips, Quirky Cooking, and Nexba!

We know that many people out there in the Melbourne Food Festivals fold are deeply passionate about healthy, enjoyable and nutritious food.  We also know that many of you have school-aged children, and wish that your school’s canteen had a much bigger selection of healthy foods.

If this rings true for you, check out for more information about Healthy Tuckshop Day 2017, and see if you can get your school on board!

Also keep watch on the Melbourne Food Festivals events calendar for kid-friendly foodie events – so you can bring a love of great, wholesome food in your children any day of the week!


Healthy Tuckshop Day