Lovers of bacon unite on September 5th 2019 to celebrate international bacon day! This unofficial celebration is observed at different times of the year for differing nations, but in Melbourne is usually on the first week in September. Melbournites love their big breakfasts and are well known for our bruching culture – there is nothing better than fried eggs and crispy bacon on a spring morning. Bacon is also ever popular in BLT’s, on pizza and on a good burger.

Melbourne Food Festivals - International Bacon Day 2019

Bacon day celebrations usually involve social gatherings where participants consume bacon of all varieties including breakfasts, lunch, dinner, desserts, and drinks. It is easy to celebrate international bacon day in Melbourne.

Did you know that bacon is fantastic with banana and cheese? This unusual but delicious combination is scrumptious as an open sandwich or on pizza. Bacon dishes have really expanded. There are bacon chocolate milkshakes, bacon flavoured chewing gum and lots of clothing and accessories with bacon themes for those who really want to get into the spirit of the day!

Here are some of the best cafes and restaurants in Melbourne for delicious bacon dishes.


Alongside fantastic bacon and eggs there are delicious pancakes with blueberries, vanilla creme and candied streaky bacon.


Centrally located in Melbourne CBD. Get your double stack of buttermilk pancakes served with maple butter and crispy bacon. These are like nothing else you will every taste. Absolutely to die for.

The Pie Shop

Unfortunately the ever popular Pope Joan in Brunswick was recently closed to make ways for construction. The Pie Shop is owned and run by the owners of Pope Joan,  and is located just 2 doors down from where this cafe was. Buy products that were used in the Pope Joan kitchen and grab a coffee and ultra tasty designer sandwiches to take away.

Top Paddock

They have been said to have the best bacon in the world and great coffee too! The bacon is OMG, delicious thick cut style.

Hot Poppy

All of the ham, bacon, eggs and chicken here are free range. This café has a fantastic vibe and there is a range of delicious meals on their menu. Very popular.

Auction Rooms

This North Melbourne eatery has delicious meals – glazed bacon steak, maple glazed bacon, great coffee and the Death of Elvis Presley with caramelised banana and peanut butter and crispy bacon sandwich. Delicious!

East Evolution

This thick cut bacon is absolute bliss. Order any of their bacon dishes for a delicious treat that you will savour. They are partnered with Monsieur Truffle and known for their high quality chocolate. The perfect combination! Great for those that are diet sensitive. Anything with bacon and or chocolate on the menu is highly recommended.

Melbourne Food Festivals - International Bacon Day 2019 Breakfast

International Bacon Day 2019

With so many places around Melbourne we can enjoy International Bacon Day, we think there should be a whole month dedicated to our favourite smoked meat! 🥓

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