People all over the world love burgers so much, that there is now an International Burger Day – dedicated to the deliciousness that is the hamburger!

This Sunday 28th May is International Burger Day.  It’s hard to look past a burger, whatever your foodie preferences.

From humble beginnings, the iconic hamburger has evolved well beyond the “meat pattie in a bun” that we know from childhood. And International Burger Day is a testament to that.

Everywhere you go in Melbourne (or the rest of Australia), you’ll see boutique restaurants and food trucks catering to enthusiastic burger fans.  Their menus are both extravagant and mouth-watering… reflecting the personality and creativity of kitchen gurus all over town.

Whether it’s a highly-evolved cheeseburger with all the trimmings, pulled pork on a brioche bun, or a Moroccan-style veggie burger, burgers have come of age.  And many dedicated burger bars are achieving cult status in Melbourne’s vibrant foodie culture.

We’re not here to talk about which restaurants serve the best burgers, or how to make a great burger.  There are too many to choose from – and burgers are as unique as the Melbourne fans indulging in them!  Paired with a gourmet milkshake or a boutique beer, Melbourne’s burger restaurants are an essential destination for passionate Melbourne foodies.

If you would like to do the right foodie thing for International Burger Day, then head to your favourite gourmet burger restaurant this Sunday.  We’re sure you’ll find other hamburger lovers doing the very same thing.

International Burger Day - The Freak Force by Damoforce

For those who would like to celebrate, but aren’t sure where to head, check out Melbourne Food Festivals.  There are special International Burger Day events all over Melbourne and beyond.  We know of a few already, and we’re sure you’ll be as excited as the Melbourne Food Festivals team when you see what’s on offer!

One that looks to be a stand-out is the National Burger Day event at Dandenong Market & The Grill, featuring competitions and a market challenge to finish the Freak Force Burger, a burger mountain created by Insta-famous burger aficionado Damoforce!

So make this Sunday a gourmet celebration, filled with joyful comfort food, great sides, indulgent drinks and your favourite people.  Be sure to mark International Burger Day on your calendar and make it a day to enjoy!
International Burger Day