June Food Festivals

June? Again? How does this keep happening?

Anyway, this month we have a little of this and a little of that from festivals every self-respecting foodie is at every year to festivals that will really make your toes curl. Let’s get munchy!


Good Food and Wine Show

Dates: 31st May – 2nd June

Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Cost: From $34 for adults and $15 for kids

Yes, the Good Food and Wine Show continues into April and since it is such a huge staple on the foodie calendar, we had to include it again as a reminder.

Over 300 exhibitors with live cooking shows, masterclasses, and the opportunity to sample deliciousness from around the country.

Make sure you head to the RIEDEL Drinks Lab for your wine-tasting class – it’s included in your ticket price!


Wine Food Festival

Mould: A Cheese Festival

Food Festival vendors

Dates: 28th – 29th

Location: Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton

Cost: From $49 (4-hour session)

“… bigger, smellier, and more ‘matured’ than ever!” I wish we could claim that but it’s from their webpage. But it kind of says it all!

This year, they are upping the ante. Or the mould? It’s all about wine and cheese so let’s face it, you just can’t go wrong. But wait, there’s more, because vodka, and sake, and gin!

Oh, my!

And this year, the cheesey expansions are grand with more independent produces of cheesy accompaniments like olives, and crackers, and pastes… oh my?


Glenrowan’s Trails, Tastings and Tales Food and Wine Festival

Dates: 8th – 10th

Location: Glenrowan

Cost: From $20

If you didn’t make it to this one last year, try again this year! It’s over the long weekend so even though it’s a bit of a drive out of the city, it’s perfectly timed for a solid chillfest.

After you’ve washed down your fill of food truck offerings to gourmet cuisines with wines, beers, and brews and you’re all up on the local history, finish off the weekend with Glenrowan’s Community and Craft Market on Monday.


Friends at Food Festival

Chilli Festival

April 2024 Food Festivals

Dates: 24th

Location: Moon Dog World, Preston

Cost: Watch the website for updates

Chilli? In the middle of winter. Ok, these peeps are genius! Oh, and in a brewery no less. Absolute brilliance. Local chilli producers are not holding back and they’ve even created chilli-infused brews for the festival.

Wait. Chilli cocktails too? Like I said, genius!

It’s too late to sign up to join the fiery wing-eating contest but it ain’t too late to enjoy that spectacle. Get ready for a foodie frenzy that’ll leave you craving more spicy adventures!


Get excited for the June food festival in Melbourne. Make sure to stay updated with Melbourne food festivals.