Love cupcakes? Love adorable furry animals? Then host, bake at, or come along to an RSPCA Cupcake Day this month!


Monday 21st of August is the big day for cupcake and furry animal lovers and supporters to come together across the country to fight for animal welfare. Every single cent raised will go towards helping animals in every way possible from rescuing right through to re-homing.

rspca cupcake day

The RSPCA Cupcake Day is for every animal lover from school kids, friends, family members, right through to workmates and CEOs. For all the school kids out there, you can ask your teacher and/or principal about having an RSPCA Cupcake Day bake sale, mufti day, fete or even competitions. Imagine how fun it would be to make your own special cupcakes with your best friends.

If you would love to get your friends on board, an RSPCA Cupcake Day can be a great way to catch up, bond through baking, and raise funds for a cause close to your heart.  If you want to get your workmates and even boss involved, a Cupcake Day at the office can make a great morning tea and bring all of the different departments of your company together.

rspca cupcake day

If cupcakes aren’t your thing or if you’re too busy on the 21st, not to fear, despite its name an RSPCA Cupcake Day can be held on any day in August and is not strictly limited to cupcakes. If cookies, brownies or even slices are more your thing than go nuts! Yes that pun was intended; add nuts to your treats if you want (although you might want to keep allergies in mind).

So if you or someone you know are looking to host a Cupcake Day, let the RSPCA know and they’ll send you a cool hosting kit for all of your cupcake baking and donating needs. If you’re wondering how big a donation will raise enough funds, you’d be amazed at how far a dollar or two can go when it’s for a great cause.

rspca cupcake day

So get out the flour, icing, chocolate, decorations, and whisks, and get ready to bake for an RSPCA Cupcake Day to raise money for all creatures great and small.


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