The Best Food Trucks In Melbourne

Melbourne boasts one of the most eclectic and diverse food cultures in the world. Whether you’re on the lookout for high-quality coffee, exceptional fine-dining or a delicious brunch overlooking Albert Park, Melbourne has a myriad of restaurant options to fulfil your culinary desires.

However, one thing that has recently become a more significant part of Melbourne’s foodie culture is the emergence of food trucks. Indeed, food trucks have developed a rather strong cult following in Australia, particularly in both Sydney and Melbourne.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best food trucks in Melbourne, you have definitely come to the right place.

How do I find the food truck I want?

The thing about food trucks is that they’re constantly moving around and they don’t have a set location. So, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where the outlet will be most weekends, particularly if they’re not active on social media or inconsistent with marketing efforts.

If you’re not able to travel anywhere, then you might want to step up your cooking game and try to recreate some of the most popular dishes from your favourite cuisines, such as beef and spinach curry for those who enjoy Indian food, or lamb moussaka for Greek food lovers.

Greek Street Food

The Greek Street Food Truck is a really popular lunch and dinner option in Melbourne. They serve authentic Greek style cuisine, including salads, souvas and pax. So, they’re definitely not a bad option if you’re looking for a quick feed. Plus, with plenty of salad options, who says it has to be unhealthy. Check out some of their fan favourites, like oregano-dusted souvlakis and wicked garlic sauce

Lil Nom Noms

This is a quaint little food truck that serves up some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in Melbourne. You can get your hands on anything from their nifty little banh mi sliders (filled with crispy fried chicken) or their authentic Viet slaw combinations, mixed with pickled carrot, mayo and chilli. Not a bad way to get a healthy dose of vegetables.


India is renowned around the globe for its street food. So, it seems only natural that Overdosa, an Indian cuisine food truck, would prepare some of the best Indian in Melbourne. One of the most popular food trucks going round, Overdosa is well known to Melbournians for its dosa, which is like a crepe-style wrap filled with authentic Indian goodies.



The Best Food Trucks In Melbourne

Poke Time

Successfully running a food truck is no easy task, particularly given the competition and the nature of the industry. Nonetheless, Poke Time has definitely made it work. If you’re a sucker for Japanese food, you can’t give Poke Time a miss. Their famed “Poke Bowl” is actually sourced from local ingredients, so you can enjoy a great meal that you know uses high-quality ingredients. The mobile restaurant even allows you to “create your own bowl” and, if you’re not too keen on raw fish, just swap it out for some Chicken Katsu or Beef Gyudon. Delicious!

Pressed Juices

This one is perfect for all the health-conscious consumers out there. Pressed Juices make delicious, fresh and healthy juices via their juice van, which is stationed in different Melbourne suburbs every day. It’s developed quite a cult following and has a decent amount of Instagram followers. Be sure to follow them if you’re in need of a fresh juice chock full of vitamins.


The Trailer-Made food truck combines the best ingredients from all over Europe. It’s a unique blend of European and Middle Eastern meals, culminating in some of the best street food available in Melbourne. Not only that, their produce is vegan and carnivore-friendly! With so many consumers transitioning into more plant-based diets, Trailer-Made is the perfect option for those craving a nice Mediterranean salad as opposed to a steak sandwich.

Billy van Creamy

A nice scoop of authentic gelato is just what you want after a delicious meal – and that’s exactly what you are going to get if you pop on by Billy van Creamy’s ice cream van. Billy’s is one of Melbourne’s favourites and what makes it great is that it’s all-natural and handmade. No processed stuff full of unnecessary emulsifiers and nasties. This way, you can enjoy your Australian summer the right way. Moreover, the truck has been so successful that the business has expanded to Perth.


It seems only fair that we follow up an ice cream van with a yoghurt truck. Thankfully, Yogurddiction serves up some high-quality, natural and non-fat frozen yoghurt. The truck produces only three different flavours; however, they have a mind-boggling amount of toppings (25!). So, if you’re walking around the sizzling streets of Melbourne during the humid Australian summer, be sure to check out Yogurddiction!

There are plenty of food truck festivals throughout Melbourne, so if you’re on the lookout for some new delicious food that is convenient and quick, make to check them out.

The Best Food Trucks In Melbourne