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Beer Launch II

27 August, 2016 @ 4:00 pm

The long awaited launch of our next three of beers. Come one and all, to imbibe; to ramble. Pay homage to the most glorous triumph of mankind. Beer. Perhaps the greatest discovery of all time.

What will be on tap from Bale-Worker Project Brewery?

Scotch Brown Ale (ABV 5.0)

A Scottish style ale, with a twist. No it does not contain whisky, however it is as equally enjoyable by the hearthside. While this ale may not be a heavy hitter alcohol wise, it packs a mouthful of flavour, centring on biscuit and toffee. East Kent Goldings, while not Scottish, provide a hop profile that is sufficient in bitterness yet compliments the malts with light fruity tones. Sit down, take it easy and have a Scotch Ale or three (Sunday roast and fireside seating recommended, failing that, good company will do).

Mandarin Pilsner (ABV 4.6)

Who knew we would make a Pilsner. Probably one of the most popular beers in modern times yet avoided by brewer and craft beer connoisseur alike. Well lets change that, our quest for a super flavoursome pilsner lead us down a somewhat unexpectedly oriental path. The end result? Two malted grains and a fraction of rice yielding a crystal clear beer, pepped up with some Saaz hops (naturally) and a late addition of orange rind. Winter may be an odd time to launch a pilsner, however we feel that it isn’t at all akin to the swill folk consume on hot days, this is a pilsner that has more to offer. Here you can find both refreshment, and finely crafted flavour.

Yul Ol (ABV 5.5)

A beer made for celebration. What are we celebrating? That the Norwegians had the good sense to make drinking mandatory. This ale, is dark, decadent and full of seasonal spices. Reminiscent of the farmers reward for their toil to have ale ready for the Yul period, in preparation for visitors escaping the onset of winters grasp. Rich in aroma and body, just as demanded by the old ones.

Dunkel (ABV 5.5)

The first beer brewed on our 298L HERMS system, making use of a great measure of Munich malt and a few other speciality grains by Gladfield. Our Dunkel was born from a noble hop infused puff of steam and the humblest of lager yeasts. Fermented at a low temperature, in keeping with the crisp German style, though tarry not at the tap, for this comes without sacrifice of malty flavour or its light Perle and Hersbrucker hop aroma.

Diggers Amber Ale (AVB 4.5)

A popular beer made this time of year, aimed at emulating a certain copyrighted biscuit. The Amber ale is fairly light on body and the Biscuit flavour not overpowering. Allowing the beer to slightly warm, coaxes out the flavours which define this beer; oats and coconut (painstakingly toasted by co-owner Neil on the world’s smallest frying pan, over a camping stove whilst fending off a horde of Uruk-hai… ok I may have made that last bit up). Once again Gladfeilds Malt supplies the sumptuous traditional ale based toffee background that pairs so well with home grown Cascade and Chinook hops.

Bottles I hear you say?
We have but 50x750mL Scotch Ales available. A very limitted run. More on getting your hands on these is to come.

So mark the date in your diary. Bring a date. Your family or your friends. Failing that, bring your dog and a good measure of thirst. Please note, hounds without a valid ID will not be served.

See you there
Matt and Neil


27 August, 2016
4:00 pm
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Grape And Grain
14-16 Station Street